Veteran Servant leader

I believe that America's greatest days have yet to come. The economy of the United States cannot operate at its full potential under the excessive regulation coming out of Washington DC. An example of excessive regulation are the regulations contained in the Dodd-Frank Legislation.  Dodd-Frank has to be repealed if we are to have a robust economy in the United States.  Another example of excessive regulation coming out of Washington DC are the thousands of new rules and regulations of the Affordable Health Care Act. I will fight to get  Washington DC out of the burdensome regulation business and into the freedom, liberty, and prosperity business. Our economy, operating at full potential, will have unbelievable benefits for all Americans. With a course correction in Washington DC, which I will aggressively pursue as your United States Senator from the great state of Minnesota, our future looks very, very, bright.

Patrick D. Munro for US Senate.

I am a common sense, boot strap conservative and I will fight for the great American economic Renaissance that is well within our reach, if we make the proper course corrections and get Washington DC out of the way of our small businesses and entrepreneurs.

General Political Party

Your humble foot soldier for liberty, freedom, and prosperity.

By the way, K9's are cool; k9's are awesome. This Belgian working dog probably saved the lives of hundreds of American soldiers serving in Iraq. This picture was taken in Mahmodiyah, Iraq 2005